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Quantified Impressions applies data science to communications. Our Enterprise Language ManagementTM platform provides predictive analytics and actionable recommendations that enable our clients to become world-class communicators.

We work with you to create objective ratings of your communications impact, measured against best practices of your industry or profession. Our analysis platform gives you the tools to:

  • Strengthen your communication skills
  • Better engage your audience
  • Ensure confidence and impact of your delivery
  • Provide benchmarks and feedback to gauge your effectiveness

Leading executives, spokespeople, professionals, public officials, and enterprises across the globe partner with Quantified Impressions to help increase the effectiveness of their written, verbal, and visual communications.



Quantified Impressions has developed the first Enterprise Language Management platform to evaluate professional, enterprise, and organizational communications effectiveness. Our approach is distinctive in its use of communications science and technology to analyze text, voice, and video to generate data-driven metrics and actionable recommendations.

We provide data driven metrics on your communications effectiveness through the use of cutting-edge data capture technology, proprietary algorithm processing, and expert panel reviews.

Quantified Impressions will help you quantify your impact, consistency, and leadership to move them to the next level.

We analyze your communication content using specialized statistical methods, performance benchmarks targeted to your industry and purpose, and predictive analytics tailored to your unique situation.

Quantified Impressions will help you pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, and benchmark your communications impact, so you can improve.

We give you the insights you need to improve both your communications strengths and weaknesses, with our detailed, structured performance analysis reports and communications tracking dashboards.

Quantified Impressions outputs depict your current communications effectiveness and give you prescriptive advice for improvement.


To learn more about how we can help your organization and its people communicate more effectively, please contact us.